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parents are great

Posted on: December 20, 2007

i feel like a 16 year old all over again. its the eve of my parents flying off for their week long vacation and the overly protective parenthood is surfacing.

i woke up today to find the fridge stocked with carbonated drinks and a delicious home cook spread ready on the table. unfortunately, i just noted my parents driving out somewhere. not feeling like having lunch alone, i waited till they got back.

as we were having lunch a bit later, my dad kept asking me if i needed anything before they leave tomorrow and my mom pitched in about eating fruits regularly while they’re not around. i felt a pang in my heart. i realized i miss them already, even when they’re sitting there right in front of me.

i’m such a softie at heart.


4 Responses to "parents are great"

Tonight i’ll probably be in Hilton. Though I’m not sure how you’re gonna get to me though. Email me…


either one, I’ll check before leaving the house tonight. =)

need a time. meet you at lobby.

thanks for passing the dvd to me. some more come all the way to pass it to me. =)

haha, just find excuse to meet yomi again. it’s really good, hope you enjoy it la.

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