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Code Geass

Posted on: December 19, 2007

there is a fine line between good and evil, mostly defined and clearly identifiable when watching a show. or so i thought till i came upon Code Geass. the first episode placed me on a spell, immediately i knew this is no ordinary anime.

the protagonist is exceptionally intriguing. his motives are clear and good intentioned, but his methods of execution are brutal leading me to can’t quite classify him as a good guy nor a bad one. every step he takes affects those around him. the morality issue is always hanging for interpretation.

the story is simple really, britannia took over japan and years later the subjugated japanese remnants are fighting back, rallying behind the mysterious Zero, a masked genius with the ability to control minds.

many characters with interesting back stories are tied into this war and we the audience are treated to multiple conflicts of interest – mistrust abounds and loyalties questioned.

this is also a mecha anime. i don’t really like mecha animes but in Code Geass, the mecha’s are believable, not done over the top and lends realism to the overall story.

as an added bonus, the haunting score behind the anime is just lovely. it fits together snugly like peanut butter and jelly enhancing the experience all the more. Hitomi Kuroishi’s titled “stories” is fast becoming one of my favorite listening tune.

Code Geass won the best anime series for 2007, that should be reason enough to check it out if your still having doubts. in my opinion, the award is duly deserved.


2 Responses to "Code Geass"

alex.. i’m back in kuching. =)
have you met up with feli??

aduh, no wo. manage to finish ur christmas shopping? ur vacation nice oh… *envy envy*

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