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Lovely Complex

Posted on: December 16, 2007

this is one laugh out loud side splitting chair falling funny anime series. been a while since i last chuckled to myself while being so thoroughly entertained by a couple’s antics. the plot is simple and it deals with the question – can a tall girl and a short guy hit it off with a happily ever after ending?

of course it’s possible, and the series tackle this complex issue wonderfully. Lovely Complex introduce to us the lovable Koizumi Risa, also nicknamed the giraffe (go figure!) and Atsushi Ootani, the midget, a perfect match for high school comedy.

the dynamic duo gets along really well till one develops feelings for the other and hilarious antics ensues. granted it’s not just comedy and lovey-dovey stuff, there are moments where things don’t go well for the couple and the series showcase these awesome events which will, to put it simply, tug at your heartstrings.

it’s a 24 episode series spanning 3 years of their high school life and i’m happy to say i had a good time watching their relationship blossom. i have no doubt that any sane female will fall in love with the couple. they will ingrain themselves into your heart making you snicker and shed a tear, not necessarily at the same time.

from the funny faces the characters portrays, to embarrassing situations where they babble incoherently, Lovely Complex deserves no less than two thumbs up. it’s truly well done.

this is the reason to watch anime. this is a series worth spending your time with. watch it and be ready to fall in love again. or at the very least, laugh out loud.


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