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shopping for shits

Posted on: December 14, 2007

women. loves. shopping. it is an undeniable fact. whereas men only shop with necessities in mind. take clothing in particular. how often do we – men, shop for new threads? once, at most twice in a year? we’re just not calibrated mentally on priorities when it involves shopping for clothes.

a couple of instances will lead us to make a purchase. for example, when we acquire a considerable amount in cash flow – meaning a stroke of luck with 4D, yearly bonuses, booming investments, or when our usual apparel becomes totally worn out after 2 to 5 years of service, or when we’re caught in a situation that demands a certain kind of attire to fit into the social norm – i.e costume party, job interviews, weddings. seldom would we actually go window shopping for clothes. if we’re shopping for clothes, then we’re shopping to buy clothes.

well, it’s that yearly shopping urge that is coming about to me. time to recycle the image, project a new me and hopefully, garner a few attentions in the process. lets see now…i need a couple of working shirts, a new pair of jeans, perhaps shoes too and definitely slacks. some cool t-shirts won’t hurt either. i’ve like only got one set of cuff links, should i plonk down for another? hmm…

Christmas is fast approaching and then the new year. oohh…i love sales. not the crowd thought, although at times its comforting to have lots of people around with the same agenda. but long queues is a turn off. price to pay for year end slash cuts. lucky this shopping stuff only happens once, at most twice a year.

it’s kind of a hassle really. to buy new clothes. to spot one which captivates yourself, only to try it on and find that it’s one size too big or too small. and worst, that they’re out of stock and it’s the last one. can’t be avoided. clothes makes the man as they say. in conclusion – get in, make the purchase, get out and get it over with.


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