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Posted on: December 9, 2007

watched 3 movies this weekend. two of them sucked, Balls of Fury and SuperBad. BUT…Stardust saved the day. it was entertaining, an interstellar love story.

Claire Danes is as hawt as always and Michelle Pfeiffer is alluringly evil and funny. An unfamiliar lead actor, Charlie Cox portrays his part well, from naive shop boy to a gallant hero. Many supporting cast delivers funny moments to the credit of the movie.

i enjoyed the movie, loved the ending theme song, surprisingly by Take That. i figured the group already broke up? anyways, here it is for your listening pleasure, Rule the World.


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u can regard everything here as fiction, or fanfiction (me being my own fan haha), or messed up ramblings from the deranged mind of a guy in his midlife crisis. whatever. comment as u see fit. the brainless ones go to /purgatory, not that i'm saying ur a zombie. then again seeing as i'm not getting much sleep lately, i probably am one. that said, u'll realise that u can't take legal action against a zombie. cause we've gots diplomatic immuniteh. rawr.

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