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british bad boys

Posted on: November 22, 2007

i had this DVD stored away for sometime now and have not gotten around to watching it. i knew it would be an action-packed movie…didn’t know it would be this good. Hot Fuzz, a police action comedy film chocked full of everything you can come to expect from a good old action, err…comedy movie.

there’s violence as well. oh yeah, gruesome death scenes worthy of a horror flick but delivered well and does not stray from the real essence of the movie, that which is a jolly good fun time. memorable characters, interesting plot, funny sub-plots involving a swan…

the only thing really missing is a super-hot babe for eye-candy, the one that died early on does not count as one. now that the show is done, i feel like watching Bad Boys next.

don’t pass this one up if you like Timothy Dalton. heh.
hurray for british comedy.


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