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past and present

Posted on: November 21, 2007

in the past, my mom and dad’s combined income didn’t amount to RM1,000k. troubled times when they had to loan cash from the Bank and from my grandpa to buy a house and car while supporting 3 kids.

i remember the house i grew up in, somewhere in Poh Kwong Park. it cost them RM35,000k then. sometimes i drive by the old place just to see how it’s holding up. it’s still there. occupied. gone are my neighborhood friends of old.

fast forward 20 or so years later…

new house RM250,000k. not very close to neighbors. all grown up and the carefree nature of the kid in me fades out. fond memories of moving in, sharing rooms and finally getting my own after.

age is catching up. feeling the need to leave the nest and find my own crib. the invisible pressure to settle down is there. an unspeakable expectation to procreate looms in the air. i shudder at the thought of house prices now. RM400,000k++ for a semi-detached double storey lot. OMGWTFBBQKFC…

i need to kena 4D.

or marry Jessica Alba.

preferably the latter…

will i ever find my leprechaun at the end of the rainbow?


2 Responses to "past and present"

Here’s wishing you all the best-est luck in the world!
(and don’t forget to invite me to your wedding ok?)

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