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Posted on: November 18, 2007

the banquet here in Kuching has dim sums. expensive, but very good dim sums. must try.

a shot taken with windy clouds at my work site…

been a long time since i’ve been to Crowne Plaza Riverside, enjoying their sushi buffet with friends. come to think of it, there’s been a lot of long times this year. haven’t been to the movies, clothes shopping, pubs and nightclubs, hanging out with friends etc. it’s just been a regular 5 days a week job, evening and weekends spent at home. so out of touch socially that i felt i was pretty quiet around the table with old friends. fortunately, the conversation wasn’t dull and getting reorientated was not difficult.

rm37.29 of pure joy equals to 1 month of cheap entertainment

i bought a book at Times on my way to dinner. been meaning to get it sooner. Terry Goodkind’s Phantom, the 9th book of the Sword of Truth series. good stuff. will slowly digest it. don’t really feel the rush of reading it through in a day like how i did with Harry Potter.

driving around town in the evening puts me in a mood. i kinda miss the witty talk with friends, bloggers and old college mates. sometimes i feel that the new generation are talking more sophisticatedly and the older ones are more complacent. both are good in a way.

i enjoy engaging someone in an intimate topic which may take half an hour to trash out a satisfactory conclusion. i too enjoy the quiet peacefulness of non-important “how’s the weather” topics with close friends and old mates. don’t have to rack my brain for any thought provoking answers you know.

i was a problem solver. wait, correction. i am a problem solver. i recall fondly S.N.A.G. (sensitive new age guy), a nickname bestowed upon me when i was in Uni. derived from helping gal friends with issues. thinking back now, i’m not sure if that’s really a good thing. isn’t it like confining myself to the the L.J.B.F. (let’s just be friends) tag. i guess it is sort of. well, too nice is definitely my downfall.

lucky to be him? perhaps…

i watched a hilarious comedy today. it’s called Sex & Death 101 starring Winona Ryder. watch it, for real. and when your done, ask yourself (if your a bloke) if you won’t do the same if you gotten the list. i’m recommending it to my colleagues come monday at work.


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