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financial freedom

Posted on: November 7, 2007

my short-term goal is to work towards financial freedom. definition – having a buffer to work with if ever in a crisis while accumulating an ongoing flow of income on a monthly basis enabling me to have a lee-way when tackling calculated risk activities.

two ways. either 1. get a 5-figure salary to accumulate my capital or 2. save up to an amount for the purpose to fixed deposits and live off the interest. whichever comes first.

current mindset – to have a 500k fixed deposit with a 20k yearly return. 20k is the minimum, sufficiently covering cost of daily living. does not take into the equation of a life partner, family or future catastrophic disasters.

with that achieved, i will be able to focus on more calculated risk ventures using the flow of monthly income, assuming that i’m still working and have not reach the retirement age. preferably, i am my own company by then. hopefully, i will have support from my significant other.

long-term goal – migration. or at the very least, a nice house by the beach somewhere with 4 seasons. love snow. maybe Switzerland? not too high a target i think. achievable.

let me dream in the meantime.


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