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break from Fiesta

Posted on: November 6, 2007

warning – this is an addictive game. you may lose your soul due to prolong exposure to Fiesta Online, previously known as Shine Online. me? i’ve been playing this mmorpg for…

…over two months i think. invested countless hours in this game. already hit the 59 level capped. slow updates and patches. but that is to be expected from every MMORPG. it’s been great fun. met some truly wonderful people and garnered a host of long-term friends.

as with every other online game, there is such a term as pvp or player vs player for those not familiar with the term. what this means is that rather than being stuck with the constant grinding i.e. pve (player vs environment) which can get tediously boring, pvp provides an avenue for players to test their mettle against each other.

with the option of fighting real people online, there then needs to be the availability of guilds. you join a guild, you have many friends who will support you in a guild war i.e. massive fighting with other real players in a party. fun stuff.

unfortunately, it gets boring pretty quick. once you’ve explored all there is in the game, there is practically nothing left worth doing. thats where production skills comes in. what this entails is you spend lots of silvers (game currency) to try and buff up your equipment, making your character look all shiny.

so it’s an endless loop, farming for money just to blow it all away on buffing up your stuff. not as easy as that sounds, as it’s practically almost next to impossible to +9 a weapon. mostly you’ll just end up breaking your stuff instead. boo hoo. well, i’ve yet to see someone doing it successfully in this game anyway.

i loved it. i enjoyed myself tremendously. perhaps i will return to it when the level capped is removed and new stuff is in place. but right now, i think it’s time to take a break and get back to real life or at least a small semblance of it.

i still keep in contact with the wonderful people i had the fortunate opportunity to get to know. i think it’s safe to say if i ever find a new cool game to play, or vice versa from them, we would party and play together again. that’s how close knit we’ve become.

now if only i can break the news that i’m actually a guy behind my feminine game character all this while…


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