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Honey & Clover

Posted on: October 28, 2007

i’ve tons of unwatched animes safely burned and stored to my vast dvd collection. perhaps i’m saving them for when i’m old or something but my colleague recommended me to Honey & Clover, a poignant comedy drama that he watched long ago.

i spent my weekend digging up for the dvd and watched the first season of 24 episodes. it was like a breath of fresh air among all the mecha, fighting, super-powered animes being dished out today. it stands out like the anime, Beck or more profoundly Nana, which both really bring the meaning of having a good plot alive.

with the end of the first 24 episodes, i’m looking forward to watching their two anime “L” and “F” specials and following that, Honey & Clover II. for now at least, it’s time for a break from being glued to my computer for the whole day.

this anime is just too good. not everyone will enjoy it, but for those who love experiencing the slice of life of people just like you and me, it delivers and more.


8 Responses to "Honey & Clover"

Honey and Clover! I watched it a few years back. I think 3 years ago~ I loved it then! Though I couldn’t bare the watch it for the second time where the guy was going on his bicycle journey.. to find himself.. There is Honey and Clover 2???

yes there is, a 12 episode H&C II detailing further events between the love triangle (and outcome) of the three zany students and their senpais…answering all your questions on:

1. Morita’s past life and what he is doing with his wealth
2. who Mayama ends up with – Rika or Ayu
3. who Hagu really loves – Takemoto or Morita

and a touching ending scene on the train…

you have it???? i wanna watch!!!

yup, i’ll burn a copy for you. just need to know how, when, where to pass it over.

uwah!! so nice!! em.. true also~ i dont go out much nowadays cause finals is coming. only place i hang out now is maybe uni and libraries. Huuu~~ Feel like can die~ Haahha!

erm, i dont think i can go to ur uni or library…later get kicked out lol. just say where u might be in the evening or weekend, i drop by pass you quick as a jiffy.

hrm…. tell you what.. i’ll email you? or something? see whenever i’m out, i’ll let you know. =)

shure, anytime this week…erm except office hours. ^__^ akho@hotmail.com

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