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Fiesta Online

Posted on: September 9, 2007

who needs Loki when there is Fiesta Online! i gave up playing Loki. the unresolved camera issues is not worth investing my time in the game. it did however gave me a craving to play something RPG-rish.

thus, led me to Fiesta Online. a FREE online mmorpg. mind you i didn’t randomly come across this game by chance. i spent close to 2 hours surfing for THE game to play. i’d passed on Ragnarok Online (which i’ve played before but is no longer free to play now), Water Margin, Maple Story, World of Warcraft (i’m dying to play this game if it’s free) before deciding on Fiesta Online.

actually, there is another game i’m looking forward to, Perfect World, the ultimate World of Warcraft clone. unfortunately, the server for Malaysian denizens is not up yet.

sample screenshot – definitely looks nicer ingame

anyway, back to Fiesta Online. there are 4 types of classes you can choose from when you first start out – warrior, cleric, archer and mage. i chose a female cleric. 1. because if i’m going to spend a lot of time with this game, mind as well spend it looking at a female character yes? 2. who doesn’t love a cleric? the best groupie around. well my aim really was to just enjoy myself exploring the game and at the same time socialize. see, that’s killing two birds with one stone right there.

well it took me a while to download the 600mb installation file, but i managed to get it up and running on friday evening. i created my first character and promptly went adventuring online. not long into the game, i got players adding me to their friend list (i’m not sure why, but maybe cause i was a girl character). there was a guy (from USA) who was kind enough to group me and show me the ropes (all the while trying to hit on my poor female character). oh, basically ingame, i’m a 25 year old female girl from Asia. lol…shhh…

it’s a quirky game, fun as hell. i played till morning and slept at around 5am. it’s rather addictive on my first run. before i logged off, i managed to accumulate around 5-6 player friends. i spent my saturday playing the whole day till midnight. my character has just reached level 18 and i’m still tempted to continue.

but i really need to rest. 4 hours of sleep is just not enough. going to bed now.


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