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off days

Posted on: August 22, 2007

“is this suppose to be funny?” i think to myself when i read a reply from my MSN chat. i don’t think so, it sounds kind of lame to me. damn…

i’m having an off day.

nothing seems to be right. i just want to be left alone, doing my own thing, not having to smile or talk to anyone. but it’s not easy is it? some days you just *HAVE* to interact with people around you, else they’ll think you got a problem with them and it’ll escalate and in the long run, make things pretty uncomfortable. but it’s just one of those times when i just don’t feel like talking, don’t feel like looking you in the eye, don’t feel like explaining myself or telling anyone what is going on.

i’m tired.

not the stressed out kind of tired, but the kind that has no rationality behind it, where you feel like you just want to drop everything and not THINK about anything. i know if it’s stress, that’s easy to overcome. just take a breather, joke a bit, chat a bit, walk around a bit. but today, it’s not that. how i wish it was that easy.

i do not want to be here now.

i know i know, i always have the option to leave, get up and go. but it’s not that easy. it’s not a choice. it’s like not wanting to be here now, but perhaps tomorrow its okay to be here. does that makes sense?

i’m not complicated.

as least i don’t think i am. no, i’m definitely not. i just have goals i want to achieve, and at the moment i see lots of obstacles in my path. some i feel i can overcome, some i think will never go away, some i can’t say for sure if it’s achievable but maybe in a few years time things will change for me to be able to fulfill them.

i just wish things will go my way.


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