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how do you know if your in love?

Posted on: August 20, 2007

does your heart flutter when you think of your significant other? maybe your knees go weak whenever you get a phone call from that person? yeah, i’m exaggerating a bit. this probably only happens when you just start a relationship. but how about when your in one after say…a year?

what are the signs? how do you know if the feeling is still there? it’s pretty obviously strong, the attraction i mean when you first start out. but like any relationship, when you start to get into it, getting to know the person better…the flame will slowly die out. wait, don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying it’s going for broke, all i’m suggesting is that it will turn into a routine kinda relationship, a couple that is together but…that’s about it.

sure you’ll still go out together occasionally on dates, watching a movie, dinner, stroll around the park, vacation, shopping etc. but where is the spark? the feeling of missing the other. like in a family, where you see your parents everyday. you don’t miss them right?

so how do you know? how can you tell?

here is my take on it. you could consider what life would be like without that significant other. ask yourself if you can live with that? maybe that’s how you can dig deep inside and be confident enough to say that your still deeply in love.

that’s what i think anyway.


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