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Posted on: August 16, 2007

surfing boredom came across a wiki of my nickname.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Akho was a medieval period poet in Gujarati literature who wrote in the tradition of the Bhakti movement. He kept Gujarati litrature alive and wrote his poem in pattern which is called “chhappa” (satirical poems).


He came to Ahmedabad from Jetalpur in the 17th Century. He was goldsmith by profession. His residence in Ahmedabad which is small room in Desai Pol at Khadia is known as “Akha no Ordo”. He got inspiration to go towards the way of Bhakti from Saint Gokulnath. He has lived his like in way of Karma, Bhakti and Vairagya and shared his experience and knowledge in chhappa.

Known poems

* Panchikiran (Mixture of five elements)
* Akhegita (Gita by Akho)
* Chittavichar Samvad (A Dialogue between Mind and Thought)
* Gurushishya Samvad (A Dialogue between Teacher and a Pupil)
* Anubhav Bindu (A Drop of Experience)

i feel so enlightened.


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