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what do you want?

Posted on: August 6, 2007

what do you want realistically, to achieve in life? this is a thought provoking question everyone of us faces and require attention to as we go through our mundane everyday tasks.

can i say most of us never really thought about it? our direction i mean. surely, we all have short-term goals…from getting a good grade for the next exam to getting a higher increment at the end of the year. but what i guess i mean is the long-term goals, stuff that memories are made of for us to share with our grandchildren.

short-term, i’m just aiming for financial freedom – meaning having expenses that i can cope with, being able to buy what i want without need to worry about the consequences from it. long-term realistically, i’m looking at starting a family with 3 kids, a double-storey terrace house, 2 nice cars, a pet dog (house broken naturally), ample backyard space to do some gardening, maybe a pool, and a 40′ plasma tv with astro. achievable? i’m not asking for too much right?

oh yeah, don’t forget happiness. that’s really crucial. having all the material things in the world without happiness is not worth it i think. but then again, money can buy happiness right? maybe not true happiness…but happiness nonetheless.

but my secret desire, which basically means i don’t think it’s plausible (but things can change), is to migrate to a 4 season country (i’ve never seen real snow yet). maybe somewhere like Canada or London or France where medical fees is not a concern. to undertake something like that would require major planning. *sigh* i can dream.

give it a thought. what do you want? short and long term realistically. you might just discover that perhaps…your not going in the right direction to achieving it. perhaps what your doing now does not make you happy? but maybe it’s necessary for the greater future? i don’t know, i’m just rambling right now.

my horoscope today says,

Errors made in haste, speaking too forcefully, sharp words spoken on impulse, or accidents occurring due to restlessness and impatience are all possible at this time.

You feel that you have to fight for what you want or believe in, and you are very clear, decisive, and convincing right now, but you also tend to stir up more controversy or competitive feelings than is really necessary.

i not sure what to make of it…it’s as if i’m suppose to be wary of what i say or do but at the same time it can be right and it can be wrong. that’s not very helpful is it? hmm…


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