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Posted on: August 4, 2007

i took my sis down to Taman Kereta to check out the PC Fair in the evening. kinda sad really, a bunch of stalls not even occupied. i was looking for a Seagate 500GB harddisk but had no luck finding one on sale. the place felt empty as i guess most Kuchingnites would rather be at the Kuching festival or perhaps is not aware that there is a PC Fair going on for the next three days. spent the next hour at Kenyalang shopping for dvd’s. got a bunch including a chinese comedy, one action movie and three thrillers.

so, Disturbia. pretty straight forward plot starring Shia LaBeouf more famously known for his starring role in the movie Transformers.

the chick in this movie provides ample eye candy. started out with a bang but degenerated to a slow trot till about half way through before things get exciting again. the antagonist this time around comes in the form of David Morse, who fits the role well enough. he brings me to mind the series House M.D. where he played a mean ass detective. reprising his role in this movie as a mean ass killer instead.

makes me wonder about my own neighbors. my sister agrees that the guy staying next to us is a tad weird. he stays alone, invites friends over quite regularly, goes jogging often yet looks pretty out of shape. every time my sister plays a piece on the piano, she swears she will hear him playing back the same tune after on his piano but better that my sister’s rendition, sort of like showing-off or something.



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u can regard everything here as fiction, or fanfiction (me being my own fan haha), or messed up ramblings from the deranged mind of a guy in his midlife crisis. whatever. comment as u see fit. the brainless ones go to /purgatory, not that i'm saying ur a zombie. then again seeing as i'm not getting much sleep lately, i probably am one. that said, u'll realise that u can't take legal action against a zombie. cause we've gots diplomatic immuniteh. rawr.

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