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safest place in a plane

Posted on: July 23, 2007

check this out. apparently the back seats is statistically proven to be the safest place to be at in a plane…

i always figured the wing seats were the safest as it’s the most stable part of the plane during a flight. guess i should practice taking the back seats from now on…just have to bear with the turbulence.


4 Responses to "safest place in a plane"

I always choose a seat over the wings as thats where they have the emergency exit and which has the longest leg room – so I have more than a 50% chance of survival then! ;)

haha same same.

Stumbled upon your blog. Interesting blog you have. Well as a frequent flyer between Sarawak and Peninsula, I choose to sit at the rear cabin. Why? It’s nearer to the washroom as well as the exit. I save a lot of time from queueing especially when passengers alight from the airplane.

nearer to the washroom = peeyeww! no meh?

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