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omg spoilers

Posted on: July 21, 2007

so it’s almost 7.00pm. i’m munching on some cold mango slices, an after dinner dessert. i fell asleep reading in the afternoon around 2.00pm and woke up like an hour ago. currently at page 234 the beginning of chapter 15.

thoughts. the progress is very slow. i mean the story. granted there’s been death left and right, but my anticipation of something big happening has not been met yet.

stop reading this post if you don’t want spoilers.

i admit it caught me by surprise that hedwig is dead. that lovable owl of Harry’s. i’m guessing Harry might just get a phoenix for a pet later on. so what has happened in the last 15 chapters? the strongest order member is down, the minister of magic is dead, Ron seems to be pretty good at magic now and Harry broke up with Ginny. what has not yet happened? Nevile has not been mentioned, Harry has not made use of his firebolt, what happened to Dobby the house elf?

by now, the book has more or less confirmed Dumbledore is gone and Snape is a bad guy. oh, and that theory about R.A.B. being Sirius’s brother? it’s true.

right then, shall i get back to it?


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