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Harry Potter 7

Posted on: July 20, 2007

12 hours to go…no sleep for me this weekend. the book will be on sale at 7.01am at Belle’s. waiting in anticipation. gotta get some eye drops, stock up on booze, junk food and remember to lock myself in the room, switch off my hand phone and read, read, read.

here are my predictions:

1. Harry, Ron and Hermoine will be alive at the end of the book.
2. Voldemort will not be killed but perhaps banished instead – e.g. the veil.
3. Wormtail will repay his debt by helping Harry retrieve / destroy one of the horcruxes.
4. Ron and Hermoine will finally kiss in this book.
5. Ginny and Nevile will tag along with Harry, Ron and Hermoine on their quest to locate the horcruxes.
6. Lupin and Tonks will be together, but one of them dies at the end.
7. Snape will be sent to Azkaban prison.
8. We will be introduced to some new spells by Harry – perhaps learnt from the Half-Blood Prince’s book.
9. Snape knows about the Dark Lord’s secret to immortality.

can’t wait…


2 Responses to "Harry Potter 7"

Don’t run away so quick. I’ll be out there at 7ish interviewing people. XD

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