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Posted on: July 4, 2007

nostalgic, to hear Optimus Prime speak in his deep resonant voice is pure ecstasy. this is one sure to enjoy movie for everyone, especially those that grew up watching the cartoons of the same title. they got the “transform sound” just right, fleshed out the characters of each autobots quite clearly, dumped in some fond phrases from the actual cartoons such as “Autobots…roll out!”, “More than Meets the eye”, “One shall stand, one shall fall”.

the only few gripes i had includes :
1. Megatron does not hold true to his magnum gun form
2. Starscream does not look like Starscream
3. having a bunch of decepticons i never heard of before
4. not having constructicons and merging them into devastator
5. no Soundwave
6. Frenzy is supposed to look more..human and transforms into a cassette, not a boombox

despite all of the above, it’s still a great movie. perhaps there will be a transformers 2? Starscream seem to have survived…anyways, Linkin Park performed the ending song for the movie, and here it is!


1 Response to "transformers"

i download 3rd time baru download correct one… hehe
nice movie… i like it.

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