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house assessment

Posted on: June 23, 2007

what the heck is this house assessment bills?

i woke up to lunch today and had my dad tell me that he forgot to pay the house assessment bill from DBKU, and i was sitting there looking at him blur like a sotong. so i asked him, what is this house assessment bill for? and he keep replying assessment lor. i like went, huh? as if repeating the word will make it clear as day for me (incidentally, did any of you look up the sky yesterday? there was a huge rainbow circling the sun in Kuching).

my mom heard our conversation and chipped in that the bill is to cover for DBKU coming over and mowing the little lawn situating outside our gates and taking care of the drainage around our house. wtf? isn’t that like AROUND our house? not exactly IN our house right?

if we’re paying bills for them to come water our flowers, paint the house and fix our astro…that i don’t mind. but to take care of the path outside our house? hey, when some thief steps on our path and into our house, are they gonna do something about it? or when a stray dog comes by and plant a piece of turd in front of our gate, should we call DBKU to clean it up?

i really don’t understand all this bills. i always thought if you want to buy a house, you get a loan and pay it off monthly. and that’s it. but now, buying a house means that it comes with hidden expenses as well? this does not sit right with me…someone explain?


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