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Titan Quest

Posted on: June 3, 2007


Typhon, the badass titan that crashed the Gods party up in Mount Olympus. the monster that takes up 2/3 of my 19″ Dell Ultrasharp LCD screen. the final boss in the game Titan Quest.

so i’ve been playing for like a week now, building up my character, farming gold and making myself as rich as bill gates, equipping the best gosh darn gear i could find for that final showdown with Typhon. and as i beat up every single demon, beast, undead creature and mini-bosses littered throughout the game, i slowly make my way up that mountain.

i’m prepared for a tough battle. i bought tons of healing potions. i got my glowing animated sword equipped. i got my shiny accessories on. the anticipation is there.

and…i got my ass whooped in under 10 seconds. what up? two fiery breath and i’m dead? must be a fluke. so i reload and try again. and again. and again. wtf? the badass boss can replenish his life by sucking mine. damn it.

how is a melee character gonna be able to stand up to him? everytime i get close, whoop! there goes my life…adding to his. don’t tell me i got to be a spellcaster or a hunter and plink him for wee damage from afar? jeebus! if i wanted to do that i would have build that kind of character.

okay fine. after infinite amount of reloads, i went and got myself a bow and arrow and hid in a corner to shoot him for all his hp. i kinda got further than i would have trying to bash him at close range, but this way just takes too long and not to mention boring that i gave up in the end.

uninstalled the game. delete my save files. there goes my week of hardwork. fun while it lasted. end of story.



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