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Happy Gawai

Posted on: June 2, 2007

ai…4 days no work due to Gawai. if known earlier could have planned a vacation trip or something. i’ve been invited to visit some colleagues yesterday and today, but i’m just not up to it.

been fixated with this not too old PC game called Titan Quest for the past week. not been getting enough sleep cause of it. it’s downright exciting and i think i’m getting carpal tunnel syndrome again. the last time i spent 10 hours ++ on a PC game if i can remember is during the days of Counter-Strike beta 5. ahh the good old days. i even have an original copy of Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike Source. but it’s just not the same adrenaline rush i get in beta 5 thought.

so i’m basically spending a lot of time at home playing games. after Titan Quest, i got Command and Conquer 3 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R to play through. haha. talk about spending your time in a worthwhile en devour.

oh, i’m a DiGi Fu-Yoh! subscriber. lately, i’ve been checking out and participating in their B1DDAT wap game they have going on weekly. haven’t managed to buy anything yet (someone keeps outbidding me) but i’m intrigue to see if i can get my hands on some juicy premium goods at low low cost.

also, Cuti is giving away cash to Malaysians. you’ll note the reason why my MSN chat messenger has this peculiar tag on it when i’m online. cross-fingers to win. feel free to join in the bandwagon.

Happy Gawai friends. enjoy the holidays. it’s game time.


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