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Posted on: March 31, 2007

so i’m packing now, checking and double checking if i forget to bring anything for a month long trip to KL…again. it’s been a swell week being back in Kuching. i got to enjoy home cooking, met up with college friends, visited Hartz (yuck!) after having not step foot in there for years. oh, and i just came back from a nice quiet family dinner at Hai Pa Wang, Jalan Padungan celebrating my mom’s birthday, which is tommorrow actually. think i settled more or less the things i need to settle here. also managed to watch 5 or so movies on DVD which i bought when i came back last week. yup, i guess i’m all set.

KL seems like a second home to me right now. i kinda am enjoying myself at the moment. going back and forth like this makes my work and life generally more interesting.

gotta remind myself to buy a new graphic card for my busted desktop PC at LowYat when i come back again to Kuching. i spent rm7k on my rig and it goes and dies on me in one year. how frustrating. anyway, i’m thinking my next big hardware aquisition would have to be a small, light-weight and sleek looking notebook, preferably from Dell. that means purchasing online.

Woogie Bear on my bed

my grandma saw me playing with Woogie Bear and commented that i should settle down soon and beget myself a son or daughter instead. i know she secretly just want to hold a baby in her arms again. oh, the pressure. but i’m used to her jabberings and always have an appropriate comeback up my sleeves. i acknowledge her need and ask her to find one for me instead. i’m not picky, some old but rich gal would do i informed her. and this led to major laughter on her part and our conversation would lead to the pros and cons to my specifications. of course, the outcome favours me and she decides to leave me alone. heh.

anyway, here i am – luggage half packed, one pair of shorts still pending (being dried outside), needing a shower, typing this blog entry and feeling a bit thirsty. i think i’ll miss my 2.1 Edifier speakers the most when i’m in KL. they have given me constant joy when i’m blaring my favourite music on a nice comfy day. too bad i can’t bring them along… i’m also gonna miss my “ha kao” breakfast. i wonder if i can find them in KL?

oh i had “lui cha” for lunch today. the one at Jalan Intan. the best lui cha in Kuching in my opinion. been ages since i last took it. still taste as good. you know it’s funny, everytime i taste good food, i would contemplate on how to go about making it myself and coming out with an express way to package it efficiently to sell. everytime i try something good, i would think of the possibilities of setting up my own stall, cafe, restaurant and try my hand in making a fortune from it. typical Chinese thinking eh? one can dream… but one day, just maybe…

you know there is a night market happening everyday in KL? only at different locations. we only have Sunday Market here in Kuching. i’ve been told most if not all the stalls operating there is without licence. DBKL would check up on them and will be treated to kopi-o. i guess that’s the norm. but there is this couple in their mid-fourties who operates from a van, selling desserts at rm3 per cup. i hear the husband drives an Estima courtesy from the major profits he makes from his little business. makes you wonder what your doing sitting in the office working your ass off doesn’t it? incidently, desserts like mango ais (chipped ice with slices of mango) is known as mango lolo in KL. lolo? that’s a very alien word to me. i wonder how it came about.

okay, best i get back to packing. my flight is tommorrow, lunch time. cheerio!


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