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when you got to go…

Posted on: March 28, 2007

i was at Kuching’s Normah hospital today attending a meeting. half way through i got the urge to visit the gents. i quietly left the room and made my way to the nearest toilet. unfortunately i had a difficult time locating one.

i thought i was home free when i saw the sign pointing me the way. but there must’ve been a mistake as it pointed me to a corridor with two washroom not in my classification.

the first was for handicapped males. gosh knows i don’t want to come face to face, uhh…come across some headless guy.

the second was clearly meant for handicapped females. no way i’m going into a female washroom, leg or no leg.

however, my bladder got the better of me…and bravely i ventured back to the male handicap one. i made it mine temporarily and went in and did my business. muhahaha…

hey, when you got to go…you got to go, right?


2 Responses to "when you got to go…"

hahaha normah toilet no maintenance keh..

actually, the toilets very clean. maybe not many handicap people use lor.

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