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a Pig movie

Posted on: March 22, 2007

what an unlikely title for a pig movie. at first i thought the name Charlotte refers to the little girl cuddling the piglet in the poster. then 15 minutes through the movie i realised that it was the name of the spider. but then, seeing as the pig, wilbur, was suppose to be the center of attention of the movie, this time around the spotlight is shared with a spider instead.

this movie doesn’t have the oomph that Babe gave me, nor the standout colorful supporting characters in Babe 2. but it IS a family movie. you will still enjoy it no less.

watch it if your bored or have 1 hour 40 minutes to kill.

last evening i was at MidValley when i notice a crowd gathering at the cinema area. upon closer inspection, i saw Jack Neo, Gurmit Singh (Phua Chu Kang) and Fann Wong promoting their latest movie, Just Follow Law. i was offered free tickets to their movie showing at 9.00pm. unfortunately, i already got tickets for Charlotte’s Web showing at the same time. what luck! :(

i love Jack Neo movies. they are always so hilariously funny. oh well.


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