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Petaling Street

Posted on: March 18, 2007

i was shocked to find out that the cost to assemble a watch is only rm0.70! do you realise all those branded imitation watches i.e. swatch and rolex, going for rm10 at Petaling Street is like 700% price hiked? scary!

also, a girl friend of mine haggled a leather prada bag down from rm120 to rm30 today. i got a feeling it might have been possible to go lower still. scary!

i notice that the SoftHard and MashiMaro brand t-shirts seems to be very popular with the locals here in KL. the design is simple, the colors vibrant, their selling point is being down-right dirt cheap (rm10-rm16). i’m tempted to get them myself but seeing them being worn everywhere by the young and old, i kinda prefer to avoid being seen in the same thing. but they’re really not bad…really.

so Petaling Street, a great place to shop and sharpen your haggling skillz. don’t be afraid to walk away. more often than not they’ll call you back.

oh, and watch out for pick-pockets. happy shopping!


7 Responses to "Petaling Street"

hey, go in the morning….u get the cheapest price there if u r the 1st customer haha.. night time the price can be double of the morning. i got cheap jerseys n shoes there. morning time oso safer, no pickpockets maybe.

go buy some bak kua!!! :) they’ve even got lamb, beef, pork, chicken, prawn, squid… :) :P~~~

where are you at now???

i’m still in KL Pat. =)

where u staying? near ler?

near Jalan Alor. so very near. =D

wahhhhh … nxt time go kl can go c u guys… met up with ler sometime back… but didn’t manage to meet up with joyce :P

oh, when next time?

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