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Sonic the Hedgehog

Posted on: March 17, 2007

this morning i was wandering around Sungai Wang and there happen to be a HotLink Games and Anime festival going on. that’s when i spotted Sonic.

i always wanted to get into a big furry suit and walk around town attracting attention to myself. problem is finding a semi-cute looking one, preferably of a well-known cartoon character (e.g. pikachu, totoro, doraemon etc.) that won’t scare away the public.

occasionally i can expect little children coming closer for a curious look and touch…

and often than not followed by an adult for a photo opportunity.

that’s all good and fine, as part of the reason for doing this is to put a memorable smile on the child and parents face. but the main benefit of getting into a cute furry suit would have to be attracting kawaii looking girls.

so des neh?


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