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Posted on: March 13, 2007

arghh! who took my apple!

the story of 300 spartans being sacrificial lambs in the name of freedom. 299 spartans actually, one had to live to tell the tale. bloody good movie. i love Frank Miller’s work. an accomplished writer and a superb story teller, his last work that made it to the big screen was “Sin City”, another thumbs up good time popcorn movie.

the most memorable scene has to be when Leonaides belted out “This is Sparta!” and kicks the persian messenger into the deep abyss in slo-mo. pretty cool. i’m sure you’ve must have seen it in the trailer.

this is a must watch movie.


5 Responses to "300"

i’d rate it a 8/10… nice shots and cool tale… but everything evolves around computers these days eh? *runs to watch tai-chi master (old jet li film)*

*prefers once upon a time in china than tai-chi master* =D

yeah that one is nice.. :)

ok ok will go watch.

good good, must watch!

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