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why Marriage?

Posted on: March 10, 2007

a week back i had an interesting conversation with Sam, Robin, Ann and Jee Foong over crab burgers in regards to relationships. the topic of marriage came about when i found out that Ann and Jee Foong, happily married for over a year now, has yet not decided to bring kids into their life equation. this struck me as odd, coming from a Chinese background, i always assumed the purpose of marriage was to plant the seed, sow the field and reap the rewards.

KIDS. isn’t that what it’s all about? everyone in the group doesn’t seem to agree. they’re in the opinion that marriage is acceptable without the excess baggage. but then, why get hitched in the first place? everything you can do as a couple you can do without being permanently attached. isn’t that right? think about it. kissing in public and holding hands – perfectly acceptable unless your Muslim, staying together – maybe your parents won’t be too thrilled but it’s your life right? so how about sex? i think that would probably happen even before the thought of marriage ever come about.

so why marriage if not for an offspring? well i haven’t really figured it out yet…the closest i’ve come up with is basically to achieve these three things:

1. companionship. there may possibly be a subtle difference between the companionship in a relationship and one in a marriage. the former for hot sex, the latter for life enrichment…and an excuse to not being alone.

2. compromise. finding out each others strengths and weaknesses can be fun. practicing tolerance is key. i.e. getting use to your partner snoring, especially when your a light sleeper can be a challenge. i hear that poking him / her in the ribs when he / she is blowing the horn helps.

3. understanding. it is important to understand yourself first before you can successfully understand your partner or anyone else for that matter. a human being is a complex entity. full of whims and wants, like a tornado, expected and unexpected at the same time…we’re all just not easy to comprehend. i’m speaking mostly on the female entity of course. just kidding. guys are complex as well. how we can spend 8 to 10 hours a day staring at a flickering computer screen is truly mind boggling. anyway, once your committed, understanding your partners routines, sex drive, likes and dislikes, preferences is something that you both will strive to achieve..

well that’s my take on the subject. agree? disagree?


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