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Sushi & Starbucks

Posted on: February 27, 2007

finally contacted Daryl and arranged for a dinner get together. we met up at Jalan Alor and decided upon Sushi King nearby Bukit Bintang. Stella, Daryl’s colleague was on hand to help us devour rm100+ worth of sushi.

after filling our tummy, we decided to take a walk around Bukit Bintang and ended up having a cuppa at Starbucks.

it was Daryl’s first time at Sushi King, my first time for Starbucks. many burps later, we wandered around Sungai Wang checking out Gundam figurines…one of Daryl’s many expensive collection hobbies. we passed by a Green Box located at the 6th floor of Sungai Wang whereby i queried them on the cost for a karaoke session. rm26 per pax inclusive of buffet with free flowing drinks, unlimited sing time. they open at 10am till 3am morning. not a bad deal considering you can munch there and belt your heart out all day long.

karaoke anyone?


11 Responses to "Sushi & Starbucks"

greenbx.. i’ve nvr been there yet. opened not long ago rite. green box is the sister of redbox??? i think its under same management… i’ve nvr been to sushi king nor starbucks..sad rite.. haha.

I have not tried starbucks too !!! Arrrghh…. also sushi king virgin…

wah you both very outdated. wahahaha…

Wah. Am I abnormal or I just love to eat out. I’ve been to both places but maybe that’s just because both had branches nearby my uni when I was still studying. Hahah! Kuching will have its own starbucks soon right?

hey, alex right? soz i din know aKho was u in the Chat box on my page :)

nice blog, btw ^^

the guy who tried to made me drive his car when i first met him though i didn’t have a driving license and knew nuts about changing gears

remember me?

Starbucks will open at Kuching International Airport on July 2007 (date TBA). Before KFC so easy access to public.Yayy!!

wah, Starbucks vs Coffee Bean eh?

Actually it looks like that. but usually its to help boost the Kuching scene.Better alternatives for everyone and more choice for us to spend money!And its about time we have one or two?

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