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bloggers meet ’07

Posted on: February 25, 2007

just got back from the first bloggers meet for mua. turned out quite fun actually. reminds me a lot of my mIRC gathering days where we have 20 or so strangers getting together at Hartz Chicken for 4 hours doing nothing much but hanging around and chatting about stuff. i guess it started around 7.30pm. i got there at 8.30pm. woke up at 8.00pm.

there were 5 or 6 people when i got there and the only familiar face was Ivan. a couple of minutes after i arrived, a group of gals plus one minor (Alverlyn) showed up. not long after, long time friend Jee Foong and his “wife” came as well…followed by Robin, Francis, Kenneth, Georgette with her Quackers and so many other cool people i just can’t remember their names atm. Ben was the last to arrive around 11pm+ when most of everyone had already left. the party ended before midnight.

oh yeah, also a first time for me at Oregano, travillion. tried their oregano chicken (rm18+) and papaya juice (rm6+) but enjoyed their mango squash (rm8+) instead. pretty nice environment to be in. not too noisy with lots of breeze and ample sitting space. great for gatherings. toilet a bit small thought.

had fun. didn’t take any pictures. my D900 don’t do well at night but i’m sure Robin and the others will have tons to show on their site. waiting for Frankie to put up the list of people who kindly wrote down their blog address so i can click on them. now packing my stuff cos i’m going back to KL on monday. work work work…


11 Responses to "bloggers meet ’07"

So fast already update hahaha… Why is it Ann became “Wife”? She’s the real wife what? :P hahahahaha…

actually oh, i very bad with names…so to be safe i call her wife lo. muhahaha…

hey ;) nice revamp! thought u’re in kl laaa. OI.

Nice to meet you! I didnt take any pics as well.. Stole the one in robin’s blog. Anyhoo, welcome to the blogging community!

wahh damn fast u update. nice meeting u there man!

hey you! haha i’m hoping for that little piece of paper to be posted up too. heh! :) i’m simply hopeless with names. anyway, it was nice meeting up. cheers!

hey dude nice meetin u. hope 2 meet u up some other time too yea….keep in touch. the list posted at my blog d.


btw, that lil gal’s name is Arvelyn, not Evelyn. =)

haihs. too bad can’t join u all.

aKho, din take any pics on the 4th day cny?
Ian look fatter la.

oh thanks Anna =D

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