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just chillin’ at home

Posted on: February 16, 2007

what luck. my rm7k PC crashed the day i got back from KL. it’s either the mobo or graphic card that gone kaput. either way, i’ll only be in Kuching for the week to celebrate CNY. so i won’t spend time fixing it now. i’ve got my notebook hooked up to 2.1 Edifier speakers, 19′ Dell Ultrasharp LCD, direct connection to my Streamyx downloading the latest Naruto and Bleach episodes and i just finished watching “Night at the Museum” starring Ben Stiller.

now i’m chillin’ with Michael Buble’s Home playing on winamp. very very relaxing music unfortunately spoiled by the periodic bang of fireworks going off outside. it’s almost the eve of CNY. i need to get up early to go pai my ah kong tommorrow. my brother’s back from Singapore for the week. he got me an esprit t-shirt and brought back his Nintendo DS Lite to show me. cool toy. for my sister he got her a pink 4GB Nano. trying to top my present to her last, last year – a new handphone. haha.

i’m happy. i hit my 10kg target before CNY. from 80kg to 70kg. yay me. planning to lose 5kg more and maintain from there. i got sick, flu and soretroat plaguing me for the last week. i finally went to see my doctor this morning. he gave me antibiotics and other pills to take and commented on how much i’ve changed. i’m now 168cm tall at 71.5kg according to his scale. could have sworned i was 172cm at 70kg. must be the sio bi i took for breakfast. haha. life for me certainly took a turn for the better in the past week. a life changing experience happened on valentine’s day 2007.

i taught my brother how to play Tai Wa Sik. this is gonna rock when i introduce it to my cousins on CNY. maybe instead of the traditional 21 card game, we could play this instead. you know last time when my grandpa was still around, we would play 21 and he would be the banker. there was a bunch of rules that was left out to give us kids a better winning chance. now that my granpa’s gone, my brother and i pretty much carried on the tradition as being the bankers. but in recent years, as we got older, our cousins took turns as well. of course we’re all still playing for cents. minumum bet 10 cent maximum 1 ringgit. it’s not about winning…just playing for fun with the kids.

oh yeah, my brother also got me a minature mahjong set. cute. now someone please teach me how to play mahjong too.


2 Responses to "just chillin’ at home"

seems like u had a nice valentine ;)

and NDS Lite = MUST BUY

yeah, the NDS is kinda fun when your taking a dump. i had the bestest valentine thanks. =)

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