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black label ownz j00!

Posted on: February 9, 2007

i’m writing this entry in the bathroom while taking a dump. okay, too much info? it’s 7:28am friday and i’m getting ready to go for a meeting at 9:30am. i hope nobody notice that i’m burning hot and looking like a red tomato today. i’m exaggerating of course. i look more like a burning hot tomato with rashes. last night, i enjoyed the company of some truly crazy people at this pub called Urban Jeans? Soda? Soul? yeah that’s it. Urban Soul at Sri Hartamas. we opened i think 4 black labels and i would like to put it on record that i am responsible for downing at least a quarter of that. go me!

played some pool and Tai Wa Sik and basically doing one shots with everyone at my table. some people commented that i’m drunk. i don’t think i am. a bit high perhaps but definitely not drunk. i was trying to get some people drunk thought. i did notice my voice sounded louder when i speak after a while. anyways, i got home after midnight and slept. woke up around 4:00am and found my clothes lying all over the floor. don’t remember not picking them up earlier when undressing.

couldn’t sleep so i spent an hour gazing at the peaceful KL city from my apartment window. decided to iron my clothes after that. approaching 7:00am, i went to the pool and swim. it’s scary kinda swimming alone with the lights out. after a bit, decided to head back and get ready for work. this is going to be an interesting day.

oh, my flight back to Kuching is next week on Thursday! yay…i’ll be spending Chinese New Year back home after all.


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u can regard everything here as fiction, or fanfiction (me being my own fan haha), or messed up ramblings from the deranged mind of a guy in his midlife crisis. whatever. comment as u see fit. the brainless ones go to /purgatory, not that i'm saying ur a zombie. then again seeing as i'm not getting much sleep lately, i probably am one. that said, u'll realise that u can't take legal action against a zombie. cause we've gots diplomatic immuniteh. rawr.

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