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enjoying my Sunday

Posted on: February 4, 2007

not having a net connection in my apartment sucks. my apartment mate, Deaw is having a tough time adjusting to not being able to go online in the evenings. back in our old company apartment there wasn’t this problem as we were sharing the wireless connection with our CEO. it’s not that big of a deal for me as it meant more time for me to peruse the swimming pool rather than stay cooked up in my room surfing.

Hotel Fortuna

for lunch, i persuaded Deaw to join me for some middle eastern cuisine. we went to Sahara Tent located at Hotel Fortuna off Jalan Bukit Bintang. had Briyani with lamb and a side order of Hummus with pita bread. they open at 12am and we were the first to arrive. excellent food. the waitress attending us was a cute but short girl from Myanmar who speaks pretty fluent English.

interior of Sahara Tent

Deaw day dreaming

food was too good i almost forgot to take a picture

i hope Maxis bring its broadband package to Kuching soon. they’re really hyping it up over here in Lowyat. imagine not needing a phone line for net access. imagine carrying a portable router with you and being able to surf in your car using your notebook. imagine not having the p2p throlling problem that is plaguing Streamyx and Jaring broadband customers. now imagine having all that for free. yes, you read it right…F-R-E-E. well at least for 30 days anyway. there’s a 30-day no risk guarantee from Maxis.

Maxis broadband

for rm68 you get 384kbps access speed per month or rm98 for 768kb kbps monthly. one time charge of rm100 for activation and rm88 for installation. from what i see, it’s just a simple plug the router to your PC/notebook LAN port, type in your username and password and off you go. try it, use it, don’t like it? return it for a refund under 30-days. gotta love that. i almost got it until i found out that it doesn’t work if your staying on the 17th floor like me. the coverage is for those staying in condo’s not above 6 floors. damn. please please Maxis broadband come to Kuching soon.

Andrina sporting my specs

evening came and Andrina called me out to yam cha. we went to Secret Recipe where i made Andrina eat a slice of raspberry cake, a slice of chocolate cake, a double delight (vanilla and strawberry ice-cream topped with almonds and fresh cream) and finish it off with an RO drink (mineral water). she was a bit late and while waiting for her i bought a pair of sunglasses to replace my broken one back home. later we went around bukit bintang hunting for a birthday gift for a friend.

Emi of Secret Recipe posing with my specs

after she left, i decided to have a quick supper before heading back to my apartment. i stopped by the Thai eatery along Jalan Alor for their Pat Thai (rm6.00). it’s like fried kueh teow but crunchy. not spicy thought. the crunchy part is just awesome.


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hey man. look me up in kl le. zero one six, eight six zero, five one one four.


weekend wanna go Ruums?

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