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goodbye Kch hello KL

Posted on: February 2, 2007

on my way to the airport

my 9.20am flight was delayed by 15 minutes. typical AirAsia. not about to let this ruin my day, i decided to have a quickie breakfast at Coffee Bean. pretty enjoyable especially when i’m having my coffee with I’ve Been Waiting For You by Guys Next Door playing in the background. love that song. finished breakfast, got the call to board the plane and managed to get a good window seat. pilot does his usual fare of apologizing for the delay and introducing the cabin crew. he finish off by stating that this is a no-smoking flight which incidently i find quite amusing as when i visited the lavatory later, i discovered 2 ashtrays and a cigarette disposal unit for my perusal. tempting…

salmon scramble breakfast rm12.50

plane landed at the LCC-T airport where i promptly collected my baggage and bought a ticket for a SkyBus to KL Sentral. arriving at KL Sentral an hour later, i took the Monorail to Raja Chulan station where my office is located nearby. it’s now close to 1.30pm and everyone is just coming back from lunch. major greeting session and settled down to get a briefing on my tasks for next week. left the office after 4.30pm and went over to the company’s apartment at Mutiara Villa with my colleagues. was informed that our old company apartment had some stuff that needs to be moved over (bedsheets, pillowcases, cloth hangers etc…) and thus spent 3 trips back and forth helping to move house so to speak. after that, went over to my CEO’s apartment nearby to help out with his internet problem. spent close to an hour chit-chatting with his wife and daughter on slimming tea products and future business plans if you believe it or not. crazy stuff. finally went back to my apartment, prepped up my bed, unload my baggage and took a shower.

swimming pool

7.00pm. it’s still bright outside. in Kuching it would be totally dark by now. found out that this place has a swimming pool, sauna and even a gym! cool! definitely will need to make use of them. went for dinner with colleagues at Jalan Alor for some Thai food. delicious beef noodle, tom yam soup, pat thai – kueh teow to you and me, papaya salad and some other i forgot it’s name but oh-so-wonderful dishes. after dinner, went over to Sungai Wang to do some shopping. bought some groceries and new clothes including a bright red t-shirt perfect for CNY. spent over rm300 today.


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