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going to KL with bad news

Posted on: February 1, 2007

i’m freaking out. packing and stuff for my KL trip tommorrow. it’ll be for two good long weeks – work related. i hope to be back before CNY. the first bad news i got is that flights from KL to Kuching are FULLY booked for both MAS and AirAsia. slight chance that i might not make it back in time to celebrate with my family. i’ve already confirmed my ticket to KL but my return flight is left for my secretary to deal with. keeping my fingers crossed.

second bad news, my clothes may not dry in time for me to bring them over. with the constant rain and limited sunshine, i might just end up buying new clothes in KL instead. oh wait a minute, that’s not bad news is it? it depends really…i expect my expenses for February will be totally through the roof. what with shopping for CNY clothing, souvenirs for cousins, ang pow for parents and grandma, daily expenses such as transport, food and beverages for two weeks, laundry service, yam cha with KL friends and other miscellaneous essentials, this may well lead to a few thousand in RM spending. CASH mind you as i don’t carry a credit.

third bad news, today is a holiday in KL. meaning no one in my KL office is working. meaning my CEO and secretary is none reachable. meaning i have no idea who to get the apartment key from when i drop by the office tommorrow. oh, fyi my secretary is on leave tommorrow and CEO may not even be in the country now. i only get his voice mail on the phone and my secretary has chosen not to reply to my sms as yet. to top it off, it’s a new company apartment so that means i don’t even know where it is! wahahaha…i imagine i’ll be spending my first night at the Bukit Bintang sidewalk or something…

fourth bad news, in Kuching i’ve been able to consistantly do my daily workout routine to hit my target of losing 10kg by CNY. i’m only like 1.5kg to go with two weeks to shed it off, totally possible! but i’ll be spending the next two weeks in KL amidst all the glorious temptations. food, clubs, friends, shopping etc…there goes my diet plan. there goes my routine. this will really take mental discipline. i’m very weak. no more hummus and nasi briyani at Sahara Tent, buffet at Shangri-la Hotel and Shogun, yummy sushi at Sushi King, the half-priced sushi after 8.30pm at Isetan etc…cheap and healthy food is going to be a problem.

lastly, i need to get a haircut. so gonna drop by Yuki at RH Plaza for a trim later. i don’t enjoy getting a haircut. it always never turn out right. *sigh*


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read previous message for the 6pm blog… :P i put my reply under the wrong place…

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