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Jordanian Hummus

Posted on: January 27, 2007

went to VA last night and came across some of my colleagues. not surprising as most of the ang moh‘s at work is staying in Merdeka Palace. honestly, don’t really like VA very much. with a name like Victoria Arms, i imagined the place to be hip and posh, attracting big crowds of cool teenagers especially on a friday night. sad to see that it is dominantly infested with adults and cheap girls looking for *cough* one night stands and something extra.

anyway, played some pool with my Project Director and lost (he cheated! :-P) and chit chatted with someone who gleefully pointed out to me which and how many times he had “scored” with the regular girls there. that one 3 times, that one 2, that one is too bitchy i don’t like etc…oh my gosh, Malaysia Boleh? also met some SEGi College peeps, who are pretty darn good pool players btw.

after midnight i had a case of the munchies and was invited over to a friend’s apartment to try some Jordanian Hummus. i was pretty looking forward to this since last week as my first experience with Hummus was back in KL sometime before Christmas and it made a good lasting impression on me.

Hummus is a creamy puree use as a spread or dip made from chickpeas and tahini, a sesame seed paste. goes well with assorted types of bread and normally taken at breakfast throughout the Middle East.

it’s really not difficult to make. all you need is the proper ingredients. everything except the cheese and tahini can be found at Choice Daily, where my friend got them. i wonder if there is a market here for this. it’s really good stuff.

Hummus, taste better than it looks

Jordanian cheese

pita bread

tahini, ta-hi-ni as in your shit in Mandarin Malay

extra virgin olive oil, makes a big difference in taste


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