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cancelling friendster

Posted on: January 26, 2007

i never had a reason to get a friendster account. with Skype, MSN and recently Meebo (experimenting with), i’m pretty much connected to my friends as it is. until one day a friend pointed me to me to her friendster page to check out her latest uploaded photos of a friend’s birthday gathering. i went, i checked and i couldn’t find any birthday pictures. i figured maybe i need to have an account to be able to view them.

thus, my friendster virginity has been broken. i signed up, check my friend’s page again and…eh? still no pictures. uh, well since i’m on friendster, mind as well add some friends so i don’t look like a lonely dork. then it started. i added one friend, followed by two and soon spent the whole morning feverently searching for more long lost friends to expand my network. suddenly, it has turned into a video game with no save features or a game over. objective to hunt down every single person i know and get them into my exclusive list. not since the introduction of the brick game (tetris) did i had so much simple joyous fun.

i cheered when one friend was added successfully. i cursed when i encountered obstacles in the form of emails and surnames. i approached each case like a new game level with its difficulty settings set to random. i took them all on.

then i realised it was just crazy. what was the point of all this? i just wanted to check out some birthday pictures. silly me. i calmed down, took a deep breath and decided to delete my brand new spanking less than a day old account. but frienster wasn’t about to give me up just yet. they’ve secretly hidden their remove button and gave me lots of other clickable options to explore and get myself lost in. i almost gave up.

but google saved the day. click here to go to the cancellation form and apologies to those i’ve just added this morning. lol. maybe next time friendster, a devious game is you!


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