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Streamyx throttled

Posted on: January 24, 2007

just a few days ago i started noticing my bandwidth slowing down. i figured they’re still diligently working on fixing the disaster from the recent taiwan earthquake. but strangely surfing improved and p2p sharing plummet like a friggin bomb on hiroshima.

yes, i’m one of them p2p (peer to peer) users. i get my fix from downloading torrents. and one fine day my torrents gave me a “connection closed by peers” error.

i checked with other streamyx users who is having similiar problems. i’ve read multiple forum posts on the subject. i’ve almost called TMNet to get a confirmation. it’s undeniably true. TMNet has fucked with us again.

but what does it mean to casual surfers who does not download porn educational materials like yourself? nothing really, your actually getting a smoother connection, presumably. and what does it mean to heavy torrent users like myself? it would mean the deprivation of quality foreign media which most of us has come to fondly know as anime.


damn you TMNet! how will i go on?


4 Responses to "Streamyx throttled"

hey yeah mine seems to slow down alot!
dang..i miss tose days when i was dating jaring the hedgehog

jaring also has broadband. go subscribe it. let me know if it’s better. =D

the last time i searched, there wasn’t a cheap one though.

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