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lonely swan

Posted on: January 24, 2007

a swan alone in a field of green. i can see that in a poetic form.

on my way to work this morning, i saw a swan in the middle of the Kota Samarahan roundabout. it’s white, tall and elegant but alone. perhaps he (i assume it’s a he, cos it looked like a guy swan mkay) is waiting for his mates to come. or maybe he just got out of a relationship and is needing some alone time. maybe he’s on a date and is a tad early. or whatever.

i wish i was that swan this morning. regardless of what situation he was in, i sure would like a taste on how it feels like to fly. not like encased in an airplane but to just soar high up in the sky with my hands spread wide and feet together, spinning around. sort of like one of those propeller on a stick when you rub your hands together. that would be awesome.

cue music…

fly on the wings of love
fly baby fly
reaching the stars above
touching the sky
maybe it is mine

end music.

i believe one day we may just evolve to birds. heck, we came as sea creatures, to land creatures. the next logical step would have to be birds. admit it, deep down inside you want to fly to. it’s like a childhood fantasy come to life. now just a dream perhaps. well one day, it will be a reality. in the meantime, there is the alternative – skydiving. i have to put that into my to do list before i die. i just hope i work up the nerve to do it one day. hmm. i need someone to dare me.

reminds me…there is one episode of Las Vegas where a guy having not long left to live went about doing everything he wanted to do before he died. the last thing on his list was skydiving…and he did it without a parachute. what a way to go.

on another note, there is a high probability i’ll be going KL this week or next. business related trip. for 3 weeks. might not make it back for Chinese New Year. but i’m keeping my fingers crossed. i have no intention of spending CNY away from family and friends. it’s the only time of the year where i get to see my cousins and uncles and aunties and old college friends. if unfortunately i can’t catch a flight back, i’m gonna have to make up some other plans while in KL. any ideas? i’m open to suggestions.


25th January 2007 – update! this morning i saw 2 swans. awww…


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