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Posted on: January 21, 2007

i just woke up from a 2 hour nap. HEADACHE. DIZZY. argh…HOT WEATHER. hmm, a bit hungry too. my lunch consisted of only soup and grapes. i hope it rains tonight. big and wet. tommorrow will probably be a lazy monday. have you noticed that every monday there will always be a bad traffic jam in the morning? more than normal comparing to the other weekdays. i honestly believe everyone is just a tad lazy on mondays. this coming from a person who hate mondays. hehe.

i watch a lot of DVD’s. more so these few days because i figured i might be dropping by KL and having a lot of unwatched DVD’s just doesn’t sit well with me. if i leave them alone too long, the pile of unwatched DVD’s will stack up. partly because i do my DVD shopping weekly. i get them at Empire (Wisma Saberkas), you know the buy 3 for rm20 deal. i used to collect DVD layer 9’s which cost like rm15 each but decided against it as i’m already spending way too much on DVD’s. i even have the entire collection of James Bond on DVD. almost all of them unwatched, except of course the ones by Timothy Dalton and onwards. i’ve got the whole 7 seasons of Buffy the vampire slayer and hadn’t gotten around to find out how it ended.

but these days i don’t buy series anymore. i got smart. i just download them torrents. muhahaha. Heroes is great. is season 2 out yet? House M.D. is cool. i’m currently downloading season 3 episode 11. Lost at season 3 episode 6. i kinda lost it at season 2. no pun intended. Las Vegas is another fun ride. going strong at season 4 episode 11. and Prison Break i’ve yet to start.

oh, i collect animes. normally when someone hears that, they’ll automatically relegate me to nerd status. i know animes are cartoons. but people are so in the mindset that cartoons equals bugs bunny, mickey mouse and teenage mutant ninja turtles which equals kid shows. what about fun shows like the simpsons and southpark? they are cartoons too, but not intended for kids aren’t they? personally, i think animes is beautiful. you won’t see many guys admitting to this. and hey, if you like doramas and koramas (korean dramas! haha), i can like animes and i like Bleach. Naruto can go suck his Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. so there. please don’t label me a nerd.

i need to nibble on something. ciao.


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