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sunday morning blues

Posted on: January 21, 2007

damn i’m coughing. i would have thought eating healthy would put me away from these troublesome allergies. perhaps due to the recent amping up in my workout schedule but still maintaining the usual consumption in food caused me into this state. in other words, not getting enough protein perhaps?

i busted my mom this morning at breakfast for asking me to take tuna with mayo when all this while i’ve only been taking tuna in water. hmm, a bit touchy is me. you would have figured after 2 months of a regulated course my mom would have by now picked up on my consumption habits. seems that is not the case. she is still being mom-ish about my welfare…worrying about silly stuff like i’m a 12 year old. i’ve been preparing my own food and eating my own stuff away from the family that she just doesn’t seem to get it yet. i don’t understand moms. and to top it off, my dad noticed my black face so to speak when talking to me, just after my mom incident and busted me on that. so i retreat to my sanctuary. can’t argue with parents. not both at the same time anyway. i’m just not a morning person.

last week at work has been stupid. i’m not in talking terms with my colleagues. ever since that silent blowout last monday nothing has been the same. it’s just been one roller-coaster ride everyday, minus the audible screaming. you know, everything would have been fine if they’ve rationalize it with me before cornering me into a decision. i would have understood, expected it even that i’ll be the scapegoat. there was a time frame for discussion, but they decided to plow through with excuses why the other guy can’t be involved, which leaves me as the open target. just paint a bullseye on my forehead yeah?

well, i’m pretty stubborn. guys can be pretty stubborn. and when a bunch of guys are stubborn, you know there will be lots of tension. we’ll see how it goes (as i’m writing this, the black eyed peas – you don’t want no drama – is playing in my head).

moving on to some random thoughts…

i know a guy who likes a girl but the girl profess that their only friends. the guy is pretty hot, with lots of interested eyes on him, yet he choose to keep a close relationship with that one girl. seeing them together is funny. it’s obvious the guy is hoping for more than friendship but the girl is teetering on the edge, waiting for something. i saw a picture of them together online this morning, they do look kinda cute as a couple. who’s to say it will or won’t work.

i know a guy who likes a girl but the girl is a bit of a party animal. there is also the distance where she is there and him here. he’s smitten. she does not yet acknowledge his existence. he’s building himself up so she’ll might eventually notice him. she’s going far away soon. he’s determined to wait. it’s doomed from the start. i don’t have the heart to tell him. he can hope.

i know a guy who is in a relationship and doesn’t talk about it, much. she is smart and intimidating. he is clever and calculating. it’s a relationship that can be perfect in so many ways but can also escalate and blow up very quickly. from my experience with the guy, it’ll probably disolve amicably between both parties. the girl being the worst off, the guy portraying the victim. if it fails.

i know a girl who still loves her ex. so much that it hurts and she can’t stop talking about him in our conversations, even when she says she doesn’t want to talk about it. somehow, i’m blamed being associated. but that does not stop her from asking about his welfare now and again. turning this girl into a friend would be a challenge. i’m up for it.

i know a girl who is really into a guy but feels something is missing. she’s still stuck in reverse gear, clinging to the past. he’s ambitious and constantly moving forward. both need to decide where they fit in each others lives. or just leave it at that and enjoy the ride.

i know a girl who’s been in the longest relationship. he takes her for granted. she is wasting her time not making anything out of her life. he is doing something with his, but not serious enough. points for trial and error thought. she can be so much more, hope she realise that.

if your reading this, i want you to know i’m not talking about you. i’m being silly. really, your different.


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