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saturday shopping

Posted on: January 20, 2007

went to Wisma Saberkas today to get this 3M Remount glue-thingy at Technographic. unfortunately, they do not have it in stock. says it’s obsolete. will have to look for it in KL the next time i’m down there. ended up going to Ngiu Kee to do some grocery shopping. was very surprised to find Ngiu Kee selling Sorbets! i figured only Everise have them. bought some canned beans and tuna and decided to try Meiji at Nanas road for my glue-thingy.

ngiu kee @ saberkas

pepsi max! my sugar free drink


nanas road

bad luck, Meiji is not open. came across this pet shop nearby and stopped to have a look-see. the place houses rabbits, cats, dogs, fishes and hamsters. the puppies are darn cute and pretty energetic. made me wanna take one home. the cats were all lazy sleeping bums. hamsters stink too much and fishes, not very interesting. the rabbits were the ones i had the most fun with. cute little buggers.

the Animal Kingdom pet shop

sleepy rabbit

happy rabbit

rabbit nibbling on my finger

rabbits having a discussion


3 Responses to "saturday shopping"

Awwwwww… the bunnies r so so cute!!

wan!! if i have times for them :(

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