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taoism with jennifer

Posted on: January 18, 2007

had my first visit to Tao tonight, suggested by Jennifer. i’ll admit i wasn’t very keen to come here in the first place, mainly because i’ve been told that the prices here were astronomical. well, i was wrong and my first impression of Tao is that it pretty much rocks. the staff were friendly and conversant. Roger, one of the guys there was glad enough to lend a hand when i was performing some tricks for Jen.

view from the street

entrance to Tao

like always, i was a bit late in arriving. Jennifer had already ordered her drink and chose a nice cozy spot at the back…right in front of a huge pond. i’m sure everyone who had sat here one time or another have thought about what if…someone should fall in? it’s so possible and very likely…but has not happened yet has it?

pond area

i’ve been told some people find the running water from the pond to be relaxing. personally, i think it clashes with the soft music playing in the background. spoils the ambience and takes up too much space.

Jennifer’s celery and apple juice – yuck!

my pineapple juice – mmm…

organic chicken salad – healthy!

supposedly the cheese cake here is the best in Kuching. too bad i can’t take that stuff atm. looking at the menu under Salads, i notice waldorf and when i inquired on what it could be, i was informed it’s a combination of apples, celery and walnuts? can’t quite recall if that was right but sounds interesting. however, i ordered the chicken salad instead for Jen as the poor girl had not had her dinner/supper yet.

to my left…

above me…

to my right…

i kinda like Tao. the sofas are comfy, the setting is intimate, pillows are in abundance (in case you want to start a pillow fight) and there’s even free net access here. two thumbs up.


6 Responses to "taoism with jennifer"

hey alex. u luv tao ey.

i luv semi nekid pix too. *wink*

lol i didn’t know there was free internet in there…are you sure its nice? coz the food is so…SosO only..for such a price

i didn’t try the food. but i like how the tau ke nio gave me detailed info on the salad when i asked about it.

also, they’re using organic stuff. that fact alone is gold to me. =D

oh, and normally when i order juices, i’ll say no sugar. the tau ke nio made it a point to let me know that they don’t ever add that.

got standard lo.

the food is nice. they serves healthy food thr. mostly salads.

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