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Richman’s Place

Posted on: January 17, 2007

had a late supper with Alex, Simon and Valerie at Richmond Place located along Ellis Road. ordered grilled salmon (rm17) and carrot juice (rm4). swapped the french fries for baked beans. yummy. grilled salmon beats steamed fish anyday. the salmon serving is quite huge and filling. damn my cam phone for running out of battery.

Simon and Valerie were using these titanium magnetic bracelets and was explaining the importance of them to Alex and myself. not only do they look good, these bracelets supposedly will help against arthritis as well. unfortunately, they cost around USD140 minimum. they’ll make cool anniversary gifts for my parents thought.

Simon, former Mr. Malaysia (i think) comes to Richmond almost every evening, normally after his daily workout at the gym. listening to him going on about what he eats and the routine he goes through everyday really puts me in perspective on my own diet plans. pretty hardcore stuff. i did manage to pick up a few tricks from him to help with my dieting plans.

overall, the food here at Richmond is great. i was told that it’s pretty packed around 7pm everyday. lucky we only came around 8.30pm. the staff are friendly, food is surprisingly quick to arrive and no shortage of leng loi’s to gawk at. however, there were stray dogs wandering around outside the shop which really is my only concern in regards to cleanliness. but that’s typical for coffee shops here in Kuching.

i will definitely come back to Richmond again for their grilled salmon. next time, with a fully charged cam phone.


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