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quick recap of my week so far

Posted on: January 16, 2007

14 Jan 2007 – yam cha session with new friends Andrina, Aileen, Chuan, Ah Kiong, Ah Bu and Ah Pei. should have asked for their english names. learned how to play Tai Wa Sik at “The Office”, located at Jalan Padungan. unfortunately too dark for my crappy phone cam to take any pictures. drank lotsa absolut vodka + coke = vanilla coke. some did absolut vodka + green tea = wintermelon tea. well, that’s what it tasted like to me.

my vodka coke

Tai Wa Sik, a good explanation of the game done by Saikua, which i shall just quote from. Thanks Shiang =)


What you need :

  • A cup/glass where you cannot see the content
  • 5 dice per each cup
  • Min. 2 players to play
  • Lotsa beer! liquor is not advisable unless you pour a mixture into the jug to avoid players from lai pei’ing (whinning, denying)

How you play

  • This game is about who can lie the best.
  • Each player cover up your 5 dices with the cup/glass. there’s 6 numbers in a dice so u will get 5 combination of numbers ranging from 1 to 6
  • The number 1 is a joker. it can become anything. i.e. your dice 1, 1, 3, 4, 6. so your dice consist of 2 x ones (or anything) AND 3 x threes OR 3 x fours OR 3 x sixes.
  • If 3 people are playing this game, 1 person will start by calling a number of dice n how many of it. i.e. 3 of 5 (which means there’s 3 dice on the table with the number 5).
  • Next person would either believe him or open (not believe him). There’s 15 dices on the table (3 person x 5 dice each). So chances of having 3 dices of number 5 is high; also because there’s the jokers (number 1).
  • If the 2nd person believe the 1st, then he would have to continue calling another combination. the combination have to be bigger than what is called first. After 3 of fives, next higher combination would be 3 dice of number six, after that it would be 4 dice of number one and so on. you can skip without following this order as long as it is higher.
  • As you continue, the lie (or even the truth) will get bigger. someone would be eventually forced to call out some impossible combination. i.e. 9 of sixs.
  • The person after him would have either to believe him (where he has to call a bigger combination), or open him. If he decides to open him, then everyone will start counting. if there is 9 or more of six in the total 15 dices (including jokers), then the guy that did not believe it would have to drink. if there’s total of only 8 dice or less which is six and joker, then the person who calls 9 dice of six would have to drink.
  • How much to drink is usually decided before the game. Lets say we decide to play ‘yat pui 3 tum.’ that would mean 1 glass 3 sips. everyone will have to fill their glass up full. they will have to finish the glass if they lose 3 times. This rule is made up to deter those who want to play but don’t wanna drink. or those that takes eternity to finish a glass of beer. how big or small your sip is, will not be an issue as the beer glass should b empty after the 3rd sip.


  • adding another rule to the above, if someone should call jokers i.e. 5 of ones, then jokers will be considered as ones for the rest of the game till someone drinks. the next person can still call ones, i.e 6 of ones, but jokers are no longer in play. fun game.

15 Jan 2007 – lunch with Andrina at “De Crimson”, previously “AHA Cafe” along Ban Hock road. they’ve changed management, new menus, cheaper pricing, no longer health oriented foodstuff. i prefer the old AHA =( got really pissed off today as well. read previous post.

De Crimson aka AHA Cafe’s new menu

Andrina’s cabonara

16 Jan 2007 – branch at that famous laksa + poh piah shop next to Grand Continental Hotel with Chris and Andrina. attended boring meeting in the afternoon at Normah. got to know some cool staff there. sent off friends to the airport late afternoon.



not looking forward to tommorrow. feeling a bit down. work is such a drag now.


2 Responses to "quick recap of my week so far"

:) the 30 minutes of typing out what i could remember about the game didn’t go to a waste eh ;)


nawp, couldn’t have done it better myself. =)

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