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sarawak headhunters

Posted on: January 14, 2007

after reading Ben‘s post, i remembered some old stories told by friends regarding headhunters in Sarawak.

my uncle met a tourist once who said he was lucky he is not in Sarawak because he heard that headhunters are still rampart here, that folks still live on trees and that it’s not safe to go out after 6pm. the funny thing is he thought he was in Sabah when he was actually in Miri at the time.

there’s another story about black cars on highways with Brunei licence plates driving around at night. they say that these people are real headhunters who is still in operation today. what they do is they would drive up to unsuspecting people, violently drag them in the car and dicapitate them and carry them off somewhere to perform some mojo to shrink their heads.

again, these are all stories i heard. i can’t vouch on the authenticity of them. but i do believe once upon a time these things are true, that headhunters do exist, that our ancestors lived on treetops, that the practice of shrinking people’s head is a common occurance here although i’ve no idea on the purpose of it.

well, if you ever find yourself in a situation where your being tailgated from behind, just drive faster! =P


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