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observation from a conversation

Posted on: January 12, 2007

today i learn a few things about the opposite sex. not just from casual conversations, but also from practical application. correct me if i’m wrong.

1. girls like guys who are decisive
e.g. guy saying to girl, “the best italian restaurant is at Merdeka Palace, let’s go there” rather than asking “where do you want to go?” which is lame.

2. girls like being flirted with
e.g. guy notice girl drinking water. guy playfully says “that’s my water. fine, we’re married now” rather than saying “you just drank my water. that’s okay, i’ll get another” which is super lame.

3. girls like confident guys
e.g. guy says “i’ll meet you at Soho tonight. don’t be late else i’m filling for divorce” rather than asking the girl “would you like to go to Soho with me tonight?” which is damn super lame times ten.

4. girls dislike being relentlessly questioned
e.g. guy asking “how long have you been with this company?”, “what did you previously do?”, “why quit that last job?” and having the girl reply “why all the questions” jokingly, but still…you get the hint.

5. girls are attracted to the male leader of a group
the guy in the group who gets everyone’s attention when speaking, regardless if someone else is talking halfway.

6. girls are attracted to guys who can hold a conversation
talking crap made interesting.

7. girls like funny guys
e.g. girl ask guy what does he do for a living. guy answers seriously “i’m a professional hop scotch player” then breaks into a cocky smile.

8. girls are attracted to guys who are already taken
girls feel more relaxed around them for some reason.

9. girls enjoy giving their opinions when asked
i’m not too sure about this one, but seems to be right.

given that the guy is not downright ugly or disgusting, i tested and discovered the above statements to be true. =)


2 Responses to "observation from a conversation"

i can verify point no.8 :P

ooOOOoo.. *ahem*

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